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Tree Removal and dismantling

Location: Reading
Tree Species: Berkshire Copper Beech Tree

Arborfield Tree Care and Wokingham Borough Council Parks Department had monitoring this large Copper Beech in Wokingham close to the town.   Unfortunately, the tree was colonised by a fungal pathogen called Meripilus giganteus that can rapidly decay the below ground portion of the tree.  This can cause a serious Health and Safety risk for pedestrians and passing traffic.  Unfortunately, earlier this year the tree displayed symptoms of a very rapid decline with no likelihood of recovery.

The tree was sectionally dismantled by Arborfield Tree Care staff with the assistance of our own cherry picker.  The stump was then ground out.   Large sections of the timber have since been taken to parks around the area and carved to form benches, tables and even a children’s climbing feature.

Tree dismantling and felling

Location: Ascot 
Tree Species: Monterey Pine Tree

We were tasked to remove a large Monterey Pine in a residential location in Ascot. ​In order to complete this project safely and cost effectively, we used our cherry picker to assist with the sectional dismantling of the pine tree.

The site had low voltage power conductors within close proximity requiring additional safety measures to avoid contact with them. Health and Safety is at the heart of all we do at Arborfield Tree Care and appropriate measures were taken to ensure that pedestrians and passing traffic were kept safe throughout our work being undertaken.  The tree was then sectionally dismantled and processed by our experienced ground staff.  Large timber sections were removed from the site with our Tractor mounted crane. The road was then cleared of all associated debris including the sawdust prior to re-opening the road.  This smooth running of the tree removal was completed on time to the full customer satisfaction.

Location: Henley

Arborfield Tree Care were proud to quickly and safely dismantle a hazardous tree on a domestic property in Henley. Not only was this tree an eyesore, but it had overgrown the property’s borders and was posing a risk to passers-by. Due to the proximity of the surrounding buildings, vehicles and fencing, simply felling the tree wasn’t an option. Instead, we carried out sectional tree dismantling to prevent any kind of damage to the surrounding area.



Location: Caversham

We were recently asked to carry out specialist tree pollarding services for a weeping willow in Caversham. Out experienced team of arborists worked to quickly and safely remove hazardous tree branches. As part of this project, we also needed to employ traffic safety management, to prevent damage to passers-by and vehicles. Thanks to our tree pollarding, we were able to restore the tree’s stunning appearance and prevent health and safety risks.

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