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Tree Pruning Services

At Arborfield Tree Care we believe effective pruning is a highly skilled job that can be of great benefit to trees. It leads to increasing the yield of fruit trees and lengthening the life of many tree species.
For young trees formative pruning is important for certain species to avoid future structural defects or to create a particular cultivated tree form. This is specialist work that the team at Arborfield Tree Care fully understands. With mature trees, we can provide retrenchment pruning, this is a technique which reduces the potential for the tree to collapse or ‘fall apart’. This is due to the weight of the tree and excessive end-loading on longer or weakly attached limbs / branches. This type of pruning is especially useful for managing formerly pollarded trees and mature trees showing signs of dieback.

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At Arborfield, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service to all customers, working to BS3998.

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In effect, pruning is the removal of living or dead parts of the tree. This can be soft growth parts, twigs, limbs, branches or parts of the tree’s trunk or parts of the tree’s root system. When it comes to tree work, tree pruning services are the most frequently practiced discipline. There a wide number of aims for tree punning, including

  • To retain the tree structural integrity
  • To make the tree safe and hazard free for people and property
  • To improve access
  • To reduce obstruction
  • To improve light
  • To improve the aesthetics of the tree

Trees generally grow in balance with their environment, however, conflicts with either individuals or properties can develop over time. This can be from the natural growth process and dieback, alternatively from the effects of storm damage and adverse weather conditions as well as disease and pests. Additionally, development, construction and demolition of buildings can affect the overall growth or integrity of trees. Such activities can have serious implications for the welfare of the tree and also the safety of individuals and property. The need for tree pruning work sometimes is self-evident. However, in many circumstances there is a need for an expert tree surgeon to carry out a tree survey and evaluation for work to be completed.

With Arborfield Tree Care, all tree work is completed out in accordance British Standard BS3998: 2010 principles for Tree Work. All tree pruning work is appropriately planned and executed to reduce the probability of structural tree failure and reduction of health and safety risks to individuals and property. Appropriate treatment will also prolong the tree’s safe life. At all times, we clearly inform all our customers as to the reasoning for the work to be carried out and how the work will be implemented.

Ivy severance and ivy removal

As part of pruning and cutting service, we offer severance of Ivy at the base of a tree by the removal of 150mm portions of the living ivy, this will allow it to die off gradually.


This is the removal of all growth of a tree or shrub to a point close to ground level. The stumps are left with the aim of producing a volume of vigorous basal shoots from the retained stump.

Formative Pruning

Formative pruning is the pruning of the aerial growth of a tree whist the tree is young.  It is normally carried out to young trees with the main aim of promoting strong, safe, healthy and well-balanced trees without defects when they mature. The primary objective of formative pruning is to produce a clean-stemmed tree and the establishment of a good branch structure and canopy.  This is achieved by the removal of a number of small branches leaving small, quickly occluding wounds.  At least two thirds of the height of the tree should always consist of live crown.

Our pruning work also includes:

  • Dead-Wooding
  • Crown Lifting
  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Reduction & Reshaping
  • Crown Cleaning.
  • Pollarding

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