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Protection Arborfield Tree Care install tree protection on different sites such as land that is responsible for by local authorities, developers or construction sites to ensure that aged and mature trees or any with protected preservation orders are adhered to. If you are a residential customer undertaking work where there are TPO trees on your property or adjacent to where the work is to be undertaken we advise that you carefully consider installing protective tree fencing. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in this area allows us to provide you with many solutions for your fencing requirements. If a site has a preservation order to protect a tree where development or construction is to take place, contractors working on site must ensure that they are protected from any subsequent interference or damage.

Tree protection fencing is a term that includes a variety of techniques, and that has different requirements for different client bases. Arborfield Tree Care are able to offer any and all types of tree protection.

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Tree protection fencing is a term that includes a variety of techniques, and that has different requirements for different client bases. Arborfield Tree Care are able to offer any and all types of tree protection.

By using tree protection fencing around preserved trees, the system can act as an exclusion zone. It is important to have this type of buffer in place as work on site can affected the protected trees in a number of ways:

  • By damaging exposed wood tissue
  • By crushing roots
  • By damaging the branches of tress through impact and collision

It is only once all the work on sure has been completed that we will dismantle the protective fencing around the trees.

We can provide tree protection fencing at your sites as per your requirements. We can expertly install tree protection fencing to give you assurance that any mature or veteran trees qualifying for protection will be completely safe during all work undertaken on site. Once the protective tree fencing is in place development and construction work can take place without any concerns regarding the nearby trees.

The tree protection fencing installed by Arborfield Tree Care adheres to British Standards BS5837 which sets out the guidelines for recommended structural components and fence placements to allow trees to be effectively and fully protected. As an established and accredited business, we will also work in accordance with the relevant local planning authorities in the location where you will be carrying out development work.
In addition to the installation of tree protection fencing, we can also offer tree protection plan preparations. In essence, this is where we can provide detailed, scaled plans which will display all of your fencing requirements along with quantities of materials required.

For further information and assistance, contact us direct to discuss your needs and to draw up a suitable quote on 0118 976 1000.

BS 5837:2012: Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction.

BS5837 – this provides a statutory duty on local authorities to consider the protection of trees that are potentially affected by development. All trees that are to be retained need to be protected by barriers and or ground protection which will be detailed within the tree protection plan. This needs to be in place prior to any machinery or materials being brought on to site to commence any development or construction. We will install BS compliant tree protection fencing quickly and efficiently. We can then install site hoarding as needed. As an established tree care accredited contractors we are able to fell any trees approved for removal, and we have the capability to transplant trees using a tree spade. Arborfield Tree Care can also carry out any new planting with any remedial work that might be needed, both at the preparation stage and on completion of the project. Using both above and underground tree protection fixing systems we can also plant mature trees if required. Tree protection fencing can be used to create a physical barrier around aggressive invasive species such as Japanese knotweed where site traffic could risk spreading the plant.

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