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Tree Pollarding is an essential gardening and tree care technique, use to remove the upper branches of a tree, leading to a dense head of foliage and healthy branches.

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Tree pollarding is an essential service for properties of all kinds. Arborfield’s experienced team provide tree pollarding in Reading to keep trees and shrubs smaller than they would naturally grow. Pollarding remains the most effective way of keeping a tree or shrub under control to prevent it from negatively impacting your garden space. Without professional pollarding, trees and hedges can quickly grow out of control. They can ruin your property’s appearance, or even lead to potential health hazards and property damage.

If you’re looking for professional tree pollarding in Reading and the surrounding areas, get in touch today. You can reach our experts today by calling 0118 976 1000 or 0800 074 1886 today.

tree pollarding reading

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What is Tree Pollarding?

Tree pollarding is a tree care service which relies on the removal of smaller branches, shoots and the upper reaches of trees. Thanks to tree pollarding in Reading and the surrounding areas, you’ll be able to keep your property’s trees healthy and under control. Depending on the species of tree, and the design you want to keep in your garden space, you may be able to use tree pollarding services annually.

Frequent pollarding for the trees and shrubs on your property can also help to keep roots under control. This can not only limit the amount of subsurface damage your property suffers, but also help to maintain the tree’s balance. Whether you’re looking to restore a tree’s health or prevent them from growing out of control on your property, tree pollarding in Reading and the surrounding areas, is essential.

Trees in Reading and across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey are often seen in a pollarded state. This not only helps to keep them healthy, but stops them from causing problems with powerlines, phonelines, street lighting and more.

What Kinds of Trees Can Be Pollarded?

Here at Arborfield Tree Care, we can provide tree pollarding services in Reading and the surrounding areas. Our tree surgeons can work with a wide range of trees, including:

    • Willow (Salix).
    • Ash (Fraxinus).
    • Common Lime (Tilla x Europea).
    • Elm (Ulmus).
    • Elder (Sambucus).
    • Mulberry (Morus).
    • London Plane (Platanus x Hispanica).
    • Tulip Tree (Liriodendron).
    • Gum Trees (Eucalyptus).
    • Oaks (Quercus).
    • Poplar Trees
    • Much More!

If you aren’t sure whether your tree is suitable for professional pollarding services, we are here for you.

How Does Tree Pollarding Work?

Tree pollarding can begin once trees or shrubs have reached the desired height. Our team of tree surgeons and arborists will ensure that your trees or shrubs are pollarded to maintain a practical, stylish appearance. Shrubs are normally cut to the preferred height, allowing a mass of stems to grow from the top. Trees, however, are more likely to be cut into a single trunk which supports several branches.

Initially, these new branches are fairly weak, but will grow stronger extremely quickly, creating the desired appearance without compromising the tree’s strength. Over time, these branches will grow strong, and form a pollard head which usually levels out as the top of the tree. In some cases, tree pollarding may need to be an annual or biennial treatment.

Maintaining the Tree Pollard

Once a tree or shrub has been pollarded, it needs to be maintained in the long-term. This can normally be achieved through an annual cycle of cutting. The tree’s branches should be pruned just above the pollarding cuts at each cycle. This will ensure that the tree remains at the perfect height and doesn’t grow too large or out of control.

Restoring Overgrown Pollarded Trees

If your tree has grown out of control, our tree surgeons can quickly work to restore the tree pollarding. We can remove unwanted parts of a tree without causing long-term damage and restore the tree to the perfect height and design. Whether you require initial pollarding, or you’ve allowed a tree to grow out of control, we are here for you.

Here at Arborfield Tree Care, we can provide a complete range of pollarding restoration services, including:

  • Removing Spindly & Weakly Attached Branches & Limbs.
  • Thinning & Reducing Branches to Create Tree-Like Framework & Natural Aesthetic.
  • Remove Upper Branches from Initial Pollarding Line.

For Tree Pollarding in Reading & Surrounding Areas, Call Arborfield Today

restore tree pollarding reading

Here at Arborfield, we can provide a complete range of tree pollarding services to suit your needs. Our experienced team of tree surgeons and arborists can provide everything from initial pollarding to tree pollarding restoration. Whatever kind of tree or shrub pollarding in Reading you’re looking for, call Arborfield today on 0118 976 1000 or 0800 074 1886. You can also use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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