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Tree Removal & Dismantling

There are many reasons for the removal of trees. Dead trees for example need to be removed because they can be potentially dangerous and hazardous to anyone or anything within the danger zone of the tree. If the tree is either dead or rotting they may pose a hazard both physically and biologically. These types can also be an eyesore and not aesthetically pleasing on the eye. These trees can also encourage fungal growth and this can then spread to other parts of the garden. If the disease is not dealt with efficiently or effectively, it could result in injury or damage to either individuals or to the property. Diseased trees should be removed and disposed of carefully as soon as possible to prevent any spores or infestation affecting other plants and trees to reduce the risk of injury and potential legal action. Arborfield Tree Care have the equipment to remove and dispose of the trees and debris correctly. We will also grind away any remaining stumps to a level below the surface where it will no longer present
a threat or tripping hazard.

If the tree was to fail, the owner of the land that the tree is situated on will be held fully responsible for any damages caused to a property, loss of life or injury to individuals. It is worth noting that not all trees have to be dead to fail. It is very common to hear of limbs of trees failing or even the tree as a whole to fail without showing any visible signs of health problems. If you have a tree that is showing signs of ill health or if ill health is within the tree has taken place unnoticed, then a comprehensive tree survey and quotation for work can be carried out. We are happy to provide you with detailed information and reassurance of the tree´s safety and a recommendation of work required.

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Tree dismantling and felling

Wherever possible, we at Arborfield Tree Care aim to protect and preserve trees a.  However there are instances when trees have to be felled and come down for a number of reasons including:

  • To make way for construction projects
  • To make safe due to structural weakness
  • As the tree is in effect dead
  • Due to disease
  • Due to accidental trauma
  • Due to damage caused through storm damage

When trees are known to be dead, damaged or dying, they pose a significant risk to the public safety. This is especially prevalent in built up and urban areas. Extreme care must be taken to dismantle or fell them safely using a qualified and accredited tree surgeon. Tree felling and dismantling is skilled work requiring specialist equipment, stringent health and safety procedures along with a comprehensive knowledge of arboriculture. Our team of highly-trained professionals is managed by Martin Smith, owner of Arborfield Tree Care. They have decades of experience in the tree care sector and are Checkatrade accredited.

In the UK, many trees are protected so before we remove any tree removal or undertake any tree work, appropriate checks must be made to ensure it is not covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or situated within a Conservation Area.

Sectional tree dismantling

When a tree has to come down in a confined place, felling is not a viable option. In these situations we will undertake sectional tree dismantling instead. This is where we will bring the tree down in sections – a piece at a time. This is highly skilled work where experience and knowledge is required. As each tree and its circumstances are unique, Arborfield Tree Care will discuss the requirements of your project, highlighting any particular hazards. We will make a recommendation and work with you to decide the most appropriate techniques and equipment to use.

With sectional dismantling, an arborist will usually climb to the top of the tree to anchor the main climbing rope. They will then come down to the lowest branch to begin cutting. If the tree is dead or dangerously unstable we use a Cherry Picker or Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) to access the tree to undertake the work. Ropes are then used to lower branches safely to the ground, where they are cut up into smaller manageable sections and taken away to produce logs. Stringent health and safety procedures are adhered to throughout the dismantling process. Our staff are trained and qualified to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) directives.

HSE Directives related to Tree Work

Safe Tree Removal

Felling is only possible where there is sufficient space around the tree to bring it down safely in one piece. Arborfield Tree Care possesses a team of professional tree surgeons with the knowledge, experience and specialist equipment to fell and remove even the largest trees. We specialise in the efficient, effective and safe removal of unwanted trees. When it comes to tree removal, we are the experts when it comes to tree felling in confined spaces or domestic or commercial properties with restricted access. Every member of our team of tree contractors has a wealth of experience and are fully qualified in safe tree removal. All material is removed from site and forwarded as timber or recycled as logs or wood chippings. We can also provide a stump removal or stump grinding service.

At Arborfield Tree Care, our specialist equipment and established skill-set enables us to remove trees in the most complex of locations from work sites, over roads, buildings, power lines, pond and rivers to name a few examples. Most trees that we remove from residential or commercial properties can be dismantled with the aid of lowering equipment. So from the smallest shrub to the largest oak tree, we have it covered. Call the tree removal experts today on 0118 976 1000 for advice or a free no obligation quote.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and Tree Work

Some trees are protected by legislation, and it is essential that you establish the legal status of trees prior to carrying out any work to them. Unauthorised work to protected trees could lead to prosecution, resulting in enforcement action such as fines and / a criminal record. Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas, Planning Conditions, Felling Licences or Restrictive Covenants legally protect many trees in the UK. Arborfield Tree Care work to British Standards BS3998 and adhere to the guidelines set. If you are unsure whether a tree is subject to a TPO, check with us and we will check if it has or is located within a conservation area, or whether it is otherwise protected under planning law. If it is, we will work with you to get the appropriate application submitted to the appropriate tree officer to get approval to commence work on the TPO tree.

When working with mature and trees that are subjected to TPO’s, set within conservation areas or protected under planning law, we recommend that you approach only qualified and reputable tree surgeons. Make sure that they are able to carry out the work to British Standard Specification 3998:2010 and that they are fully insured against third party risks. We at Arborfield Tree Care Cover these areas comprehensively.


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We provide tree felling and dismantling services to both residential and commercial customers across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. We understand how important your property is to you and your family, we ensure it is safe from damaged trees, which can be a Health and Safety hazard. We leave no aspect of tree surgery uncovered, call your local experts on 0118 976 1000