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Here at Arborfield Tree Care, our experienced team provide local tree surgery, including tree removals and felling in Reading.

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Tree Removal, Felling & Dismantling

If you’re looking to remove potentially harmful, hazardous or disruptive trees from your home or business, call Arborfield today. Our experienced team of tree surgeons can provide tree felling and dismantling to properties of all kinds. Whether your property is struggling to deal with dead trees, or trees which are causing other problems , Arborfield is here for you. We can provide felling, dismantling and complete tree removals in Reading and the surrounding areas.

Dead trees can be hazardous to your garden space, structure or your physical health. Falling branches can damage your property or yourself, and the presence of rotting wood can attract pests. Trees, particularly dead trees, can also become an eyesore or get in the way of any landscaping projects you may have planned. Whatever your reason for carrying out tree dismantling and removals in your local area, call Arborfield Tree Care today.

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Local Tree Felling in Reading

Whether you need to remove a dead or diseased tree through tree felling in Reading, we are here for you. At Arborfield, we have the experience and equipment to fell, remove and ethically dispose of trees and debris. As part of our complete tree felling services, we can also provide stump grinding to completely remove evidence of the tree from your property.

An unsafe tree, even if it isn’t dead, can be a serious risk to your property and the health of any visitors. Even a stump can be a serious tripping hazard if not dealt with correctly. Here at Arborfield Tree Care, we can help you to improve your property’s health, appearance and safety with specialist tree removals and felling in Reading.

Local & Family Run, Since 1997

Arborfield Tree Care is a local, independent family business, providing a customer-focused service.

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Fully Insured Arborist Services

At Arborfield, we are fully insured for a wide range of projects, allowing you to use our services with confidence.

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Industry-Leading Workmanship

At Arborfield, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service to all customers, working to BS3998.

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Fully Qualified Tree Surgeons

All our staff are fully qualified and have many years’ experience in all aspects of tree felling and removals.

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Tree Dismantling & Felling in Reading

As part of our commitment to the best possible service, we always prefer to protect and preserve trees of all kinds. However, there are occasions when tree felling is necessary for your health, your property’s health or for the greater good of the garden space. Some of the occasions when trees need to be felled, dismantled and removed include:

  • When a Tree on Your Property Has Died.
  • Due to Tree Disease or Contagion.
  • Threats of Physical Injury Due to Falling Branches.
  • The Risk of Structural Damage.
  • Due to Accidental Trauma, or Damage Caused by the Weather.
  • To Clear Space for Landscaping & Construction Projects.
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When a tree, or multiple trees on your property, has died or suffered damage, they can often pose a serious health risk. Whether your tree is located on a domestic or commercial property, you need to ensure that your trees aren’t posing a threat to your health or public safety. Here at Arborfield, our team of accredited tree surgeons and arborists can provide safe and professional tree felling and dismantling to all kinds of properties in Reading and the surrounding areas.

Our highly trained professionals have decades’ worth of experience dealing with all manner of tree concerns. We are fully experienced, accredited and able to provide a complete range of tree felling, tree dismantling and tree removals.

Here in the UK, many trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). Before we commence any tree removals project, we will always make the appropriate checks to ensure you aren’t breaking the law by removing the tree. Our tree surgeons will discover whether the tree in question is covered by a TPO or located within a Conservation Area.

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Sectional Tree Dismantling

It is increasingly rare that straight felling of a tree is a viable option. In these circumstances, we will carry out sectional tree dismantling in Reading and the surrounding areas. Thanks to sectional tree dismantling, we’ll be able to safely bring down a tree, even if space is limited. Our tree surgeons will dismantle the tree, one piece at a time, to ensure no damage is caused to the surrounding property.

Each tree is unique. As such, Arborfield Tree Care’s experienced team will carry out a full and detailed analysis of your tree, allowing us to understand the most effective way of removing the tree from your property. If sectional tree dismantling is appropriate, we will progress with the dismantling project as quickly and safely as possible.

As part of our sectional tree dismantling projects, our tree removals expert will climb to the top of the tree in order to safely anchor climbing rope. If the tree is dead, dangerously unstable or suffering from other issues which could pose a health risk, we may require other equipment such as a cherry picker or elevating work platform. Our tree surgeons will remove branches and cut the trunk in sections to quickly and safely remove the tree from your property.

HSE Directives related to Tree Work

Safe Tree Removals in Reading

Tree felling is only really possible when there is sufficient space around the tree to bring it down in one move. Wherever possible, Arborfield’s team of specialist tree surgeons will carry out tree felling as safely as possible. We have access to industry-leading equipment which, combined with our many years’ experience, allows us to safely remove trees of all sizes and conditions.

Whatever limitations your property will have on the project, we will work around them. Whether you’re looking for tree removals in properties with limited space or complete commercial/domestic tree removals and dismantling, get in touch today.

Each member of our arborist team has the experience necessary to plan and carry out an effective, safe tree removal. As part of our tree removals in Reading, we can also deliver stump grinding and removals to eliminate any potential blockages or tripping hazards left behind. All the wood that we remove as part of our tree felling or dismantling projects is dealt with in the eco-friendliest way possible.

In addition to domestic and commercial projects, we can also provide a complete range of tree removals for infrastructure purposes. If a tree is getting in the way of your work site, causing problems on a road, disrupting power lines or impacting a rail line, we are here for you. At Arborfield, we have the equipment and experience necessary to carry out safe tree removals in Reading and the surrounding areas.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) & Tree Work

Some trees and forested areas are protected by legislation. Cutting down or damaging a protected tree can lead to thousands of pounds in fines and a criminal record. Here at Arborfield, we always research the legal status of any tree we’re asked to remove. As part of our research, we’ll be able to tell you if the tree on your property is covered by a Tree Preservation Order, or any other legal limitations, including being located in a Conservation Area, covered by Planning Conditions or Restrictive Covenants or if they require a Felling Licence to remove. Even if your tree is covered by any of the above legal statuses, we may be able to appeal on your behalf to allow the removal of dangerous trees.

At Arborfield, we work to British Standards BS3998 and all our tree removals experts adhere to all the guidelines associated with that standard. As one of the UK’s leading and most reputable tree surgeons, we’re able to quickly and safely bring down trees on all kinds of properties.

If you’re looking for an experienced team to carry out tree removals, dismantling and felling in Reading, Berkshire and the surrounding areas, call Arborfield today. Our specialist team can remove trees of all kinds, through straight tree felling or sectional dismantling services. For more information, call our local team today on 0800 075 1886 and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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