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Q: When is the best time to have work carried out on my trees and hedges?

A: It is recommended that work to trees is carried out after leaf fall and before bud burst but this does not apply to all species. At Arborfield Tree Care, we prefer to look at each tree individually and provide personal advice and a written quotation.

The old arborist saying goes, “The best time to prune is when the pruners are sharp”, this means that trees can be pruned at any time. This is still true for most trees in the UK, although there are some points to consider and some limited exceptions to the rule. We will always advise you what we believe is the best time using our many years of knowledge and experience. The best time to prune a tree is in late winter, just before the tree breaks dormancy. The cut will heal quickly because trees grow vigorously in early spring. A few trees, like magnolias, flower on wood grown the previous year. Early pruning could easily remove all the dormant buds, resulting in a non-flowering tree. These trees, and shrubs that bloom on old growth, should be pruned just after they flower.
The only really bad time to prune a tree is in spring while the buds are developing. If the buds are beginning to swell, leave the tree alone until the leaves have grown to their mature size. Then it is safe to prune. Trimming a tree while the leaves are expanding disturbs the tree’s growth and causes it a lot of stress.

Q: Damaged trees

A: Storm damage from high winds, heavy rainfall or damage due to construction works can result in tree damage. Damaged trees can become unsteady structures and become dangerous if left unattended. If any branches are severely compromised, or if the trunk of the tree has suffered damage, taking the tree down completely may be a wise decision.


Q: Diseased trees

A: It is worth noting that certain tree diseases can’t be easily treated; if the disease can’t be identified early it can pose a hazardous risk to the public and property. Tree diseases can sometimes be obvious whilst on other instances can hide out until they become fully advanced. Diseased trees can quickly spread to healthy trees, and they in turn also become a danger. These trees then also tend to look sparse and unattractive. However, not all tree diseases necessitate removal. In some cases it really is the most viable option.

Q: Trees in the path of construction

A: If you are building new or plan to extend your property, there are often trees in the way of construction. As you prepare the plans for your garage, home, extension or building, you will likely have to decide which trees are going to have to be removed or whether they can. TPOs, conservation area controls and local authority planning restrictions. Factoring in heavy machinery and staging areas should also be taken into consideration. Trees that are subject to a TPO may require to be fenced off with protective fencing. You should always check to ensure that you can remove the tree before commencing any construction work. If you are not sure, contact a specialist tree surgeon to get impartial advice.

Q: Trees that are aesthetically messy

A: In reality though, nobody likes to cut down a tree. It can be extremely frustrating and inconvenient if the tree is always dropping branches and debris in a location that you use frequently. Many trees shed needles, others seeds, sap and still others fruit. If you do not want to deal with the cleanup, you may want to remove the trees favour of something that is less labour intensive.

Q: Why would I need to have my tree pruned?

A: In order to keep your tree healthy simple pruning considerably helps. When having your tree pruned by our professional team, we will remove any overhanging branches and deadwood. The team is also highly experienced in spotting any areas of concern that may be infected and will advise accordingly. The removal of these infected branches is hugely beneficial to the long term health of the tree. Pruning also helps to prevent the infection from traveling further throughout the tree helping to keep it healthy. By having overhanging and infected branches removed helps the tree to have more access to air and sunlight helping the tree to continue growing successfully.

Q: Why should I have my tree crown thinned?

A: Having your tree crown thinned helps to provide the tree an even balance of density throughout all the branches. This is good for trees that are either not growing evenly or where there are more dense branches in one section of the tree compared to another. This procedure also helps to keep the tree look appealing aesthetically.

Q: What is a tree reshaping service?

A: This is when tree branches are removed selectively to help improve the overall growth of the tree. This service does not mean reducing the branches throughout the entire tree. it simply helps to create a more symmetrical shaping of it.

Q: What is BS3998 (2010) ‘Tree Work Recommendations’?

A: This is a document that sets out the way in which work is to be carried out to British Standards. BS3998 (2010) document covers areas such as:
• The work required and specification; what should and should not be specified
• The timings of works
• How, when and where pruning will be undertaken
• The installation and management of cable bracing
• The management and removal of tree stumps
All of the work undertaken by Arborfield Tree Care complies with BS3998(2010).

Q: When can you trim hedges?

A: Most common species of hedges can be cut at any time of the year but we would confirm this after inspection. We will always advise you on the best steps whether it is a one off trim, regular or annual service.

Q: What is a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)?

A: This is an order made by a Local Planning Authority, which in general makes it an offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, willfully damage or willfully destroy a tree without the Planning Authority´s permission. For help and guidance on TPO’s, please refer to our page on

Q: What is a tree felling license?

A: This is a license that is obtained from the Forestry Commission. This is required before cutting down any tree that is protected by a preservation order. Our experienced team can help you obtain this license for all work it undertakes. We can also provide a tree removal service of a tree in a safe and efficient manner.

Q: Why would I need to get my tree removed?

A: There are many reasons to have a tree removed from the residential or commercial property. We’re happy to offer you the following reasons we take into consideration when advising a property owner or local authorities on matters such as these. If any of the following factors are a concern, you may want to seriously evaluate need to for the removal of the tree. We are re always happy to come out and look to see if this would be the best solution in your particular circumstance. We will also provide a written quotation of the work required and the costs involved so that you are full understand what we are planning to do.

We’re happy to offer you the following seven reasons we take into consideration when advising a property owner on matters such as these. If any of the following seven factors are a concern, you may want to seriously evaluate the tree for removal. We’re always glad to come out and look to see if this would be the best solution in your particular situation.

Q: Dead trees

A: Despite this may seem obvious, but a question that we are often asked is whether a dead tree really needs to be removed. As a professional tree service, we always advise removing dead trees as they can become hazardous and Health and Safety concern. Trees that are no longer alive can keel over, drop large branches/ limbs, and provide other hazards to properties and people. Dead trees can also become a haven for pests. In our professional opinion it is better to remove dead the tree than wait for nature to take its course of action.

Q: Trees in a poor location

A: There are times that a tree has been planted too close to your home or building. This can cause issues further down the road as it begins to grow with maturity. Trees can also grow taller and wider so that it extends into areas that have power and telephone cables or have root structures near a water supply or sewage pipe. Although this is not an ideal situation, if the tree is going to present a problem later, we believe that it should probably be removed.

Q: Trees that were poorly planted

A: Poor planting of trees is poor planning in the long term. People who don’t understand tree growth patterns often plant multiple trees far too close together. As the trees get larger, this can present a problem. Trees will not only look strange, but they can cause one another to have problems. Sometimes removing a few trees in the sequence can make the space needed for the remaining trees to thrive.

Q: To provide more room on your property

A: Another reason why you may need to remove a tree is to provide more room on your property. An example of this is if there is a tree blocking a parking space on your drive or the entrance to the drive. It may be needed to have the tree removed if another parking space is required or if the trunk growth has expanded to a level where it is no longer safe to drive past it without damage or risk. Additionally, another reason to have your tree removed is to prevent having to maintain the tree.

Q: What is a tree crown lifting service?

A: This is when our experienced and knowledgeable team removes the lower branches of the tree to help reshape the tree structure. This service also helps to reshape the tree to the required height that the customer requires. This service is essential for those customers who may have a path or driveway that has become blocked by the lower hanging branches of the tree.

Q: Why would I need a tree crown reduction service?

A: The tree crown reduction service we offer is very important to those who have a tree or trees overgrowing the original intended location. Having a tree crown reduction service will help to prevent the overgrowth of the tree. The service also helps to reduce the risk of the tree being damaged in the future by stormy weather. This service also ensures that the tree remains safe from shedding branches onto pedestrians and property below.

Q: What are veteran or mature trees?

A: A veteran tree is a tree that is either very old or is very large in size. At Arborfield Tree Care, we can provide care to a tree of any age or any size. We find that the oldest trees tend to be those that have been damaged the most over the years due to the weather and storm damage. We are able to offer a structural brace or provide a tree pruning service so that we can help to keep your veteran or mature tree healthy.

Q: Why would you need to have your hedge trimmed?

A: When a hedge becomes overgrown and does not look how you would like it to, it is worth getting it trimmed. Sometimes hedges can be very tall and you may not have all the required equipment to trim the hedge safely. Our experienced team will help maintain the shape of your hedge with professional equipment. We will carry out all work in line with Health and Safety directives.

Q: What is a tree stump removal service?

A: A tree stump removal service is the removal of the stump left behind from where a tree was cut down. A tree stump may be an eye sour and is ruining the look of your garden. Here at Cheltenham tree services, we provide a professional removal of any tree stump.

Q: Do I have to replace my tree if it subject to a TPO or protected?

A: If the tree is specified within the conditions of the consent from the Council then the tree must be replaced. The local authority will usually state the species that they would like planted along with its size and location of planting.

Q: Does Arborfield Tree Care keep up with all current rules and regulations?

A:We ensure that all work that we complete is fully legal and within all rules, regulations and guidelines.  All the team members a fully informed in all health and safety practices. This ensures all the arboricultural services we provide are done safely and done to correct practices.

How do I arrange for a tree surgery quotation from Benton Arboriculture?

Our office is open 5 days a week from 8am to 4pm and we can be contacted via phone, e-mail or through our contact page. Please leave a message if our phone is not answered immediately – we do return all calls and you are very important to us!
All of our quotations are issued in writing and include our terms and conditions.

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