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Hedge Maintenance

Arborfield Tree Care offer domestic and commercial clients a comprehensive hedge work service. We can offer you a one-off job getting your overgrown hedges back into shape, or provide you with a regular or annual hedge maintenance program to keep your hedge in shape throughout the year. We are happy to provide additional services such as regular trimming, pruning, associated tree work, garden maintenance and replanting services for domestic, commercial and local authority clients. With over 20 years of local experience in maintaining the hedges at the homes and businesses in and around Reading, Bracknell, Wokingham and surrounding areas you can trust Arborfield Tree Care Services when it comes to keeping your hedges in a healthy and attractive shape. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote on 0118 976 1000.

Hedge & shrub maintenance

We often find that hedges are usually planted to define property boundaries and provide privacy or to give shelter from prevailing winds.

These can be formal, such as clipped box (Buxus), Yew (Taxus) and Beech (Fagus) or informal with colourful foliage or flowers, like Viburnum or Hawthorn (Crataegus).  Increasingly, conifers are also popular choices, though Leyland Cypress has a reputation for causing conflict and friction between neighbours.  With regular hedge maintenance and trimming the Leyland Cypress Hedge can be kept under control to make it an effective hedge. 

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Small shrubs like lavender and heathers are generally short-lived and will need replacing after roughly ten years. These shrubs flower on new wood so it is best to prune annually as this will improve the flowering and extend their lifetime and prevent them from becoming too woody Larger shrubs, such as rhododendrons, require very little pruning generally. The exception is for the removal of unhealthy, diseased, dead and damaged shoots. Shrubs that are slow growing also require little or no regular pruning, except with the removal of unhealthy shoots in mid-spring.

Formal shrubs can be gently pruned the same as hedges.

Arborfield Tree Care offers a range of tree, hedge and shrub maintenance services.  We use the latest machinery and equipment to ensure that we can complete work effectively and efficiently.  With our robust machinery, safety platforms and stringent health and safety procedures, we are fully equipped to tackle hedges of any height including those where access is restricted or on roadside locations.   Our experienced and highly-trained tree surgeons get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely with the minimum disruption to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  By maintaining your hedges you can ensure that the relationship that you have with your neighbours is a harmonious one.

What’s available with Arborfield Tree Care hedge maintenance service?

Do you want to improve the appearance of your commercial or domestic property?
Do you need a new hedge?
Is your height of the hedge too tall?
Has your hedge outgrown its location?
Do you just need the hedge completely removed from your property?

We can provide a range of services including:

  • Hedge Trimming
  • Hedge Removal and Tree Stump Removal
  • Hedge Planting 
  • Hedge Maintenance
  • Contract Hedge Maintenance

Whatever your needs, we at Arborfield Tree Care have the skills, expert knowledge and fully qualified team of tree surgeons and hedge maintenance team.  We have modern machinery required to reduce the height and spread of your hedges, removing all arisings from site where necessary. We also have a comprehensive range of hedge suppliers, from 1m to 3m on a whole range of formal and informal species should you require a new hedge on your property.  We are the hedge maintenance and tree surgery experts in and around across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey counties counties. Our specialist services include removing all hedge and tree arisings, including stump removals.  When it comes to hedge maintenance services, our team are experts, they are well trained on working with a variety of different hedge types. We have a depth of experience working from topiary to hedge.  Make Arborfield Tree care your first choice hedge maintenance and trimming contractor. Should you have a high hedge on your domestic or commercial property and are unsure of the laws surrounding it, ask our team for advice today on 0118 976 1000 we can help.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges create a fabulous natural looking boundary instead of looking at walls, fences and other artificial structures. There’s always maintenance involved in anything worthwhile and that includes trimming hedges to keep them neat. Hedge trimming and pruning can be anything from annually to up to three trims a year depending on species and styling requirements. When trimming you need to fully appreciate what you’re trimming, as you can create bare patches.  If you should trim too much away, this can be detrimental to the overall survival of the plant.  Conifers are the most common hedge type that suffer from bare or brown patches. Evergreens such as Yew, Lawson Cypress, Leyland Cypress, Laurel, Bay, Pyracanther, Box, Privet and Holly can all be trimmed through the summer months and up to late September, depending on the weather conditions in the UK. If conifers are trimmed back too hard, most will not grow back so it is important to take care.

Deciduous hedges like Beech, Hawthorn, Hornbeam and Hazel are usually trimmed annually after flowering, so normally between June and September in the UK. At Arborfield Tree Care, trimming is undertaken using sharp Hedge trimmers or quality shears.  We are happy to come a quote you for any hedge trimming needs that you may have. We are experienced in trimming hedges of all kinds and sizes. We can also provide you with information on our recommended trimming intervals to maintain the overall health and appearance of any hedges you have.

What are the benefits of having Arborfield Tree trimming or removing your hedge?

There are many benefits of using our hedge trimming service, these include:

  • We have an expert knowledge and understanding of hedge trimming requirements and the various techniques needed for different species
  • We remove and recycle all green waste
  • We use specialised hedge trimming tools and machinery to achieve the best results
  • We have a mobile platform and cherry picker to gain access to all heights and restricted areas
  • Our sharp tools ensure a healthy new growth

Hedge Removal

Sometimes you may need to have a hedge removed due to:
Building and construction work that you may wish to undertake
A dispute with a neighbour
Wanting a change to the aesthetics of the garden
Not wanting the regular hedge maintenance costs

Whatever your reason, should you require your hedge removed from your residential or commercial property, contact Arborfield Tree Care.

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