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Arborfield Tree Care provides a comprehensive mulching service

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Arborfield Tree Care uses the process of mulching in both residential and commercial projects where the ground requires clearing, in preparation for development. Our mulching machines will cut and grind any size or type of material which requires removal and by shredding the material on site, it is a cost effective and environmentally superior method of preparation.

We provide our mulching services across all sectors including:

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Health
  • Leisure
  • Estate Management
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Local Authorities

For large site clearances, Arborfield Tree Care uses forestry mulchers which can tackle more or less any type of vegetation. These huge mulchers contain a drum, within which are steel blades that will shred on site vegetation, including standing trees and tree stumps. As the unwanted vegetation is dealt with on site by the mulcher, the alternative, more labour-intensive process of land clearance, is not required. Mulchers can clear well over ten acres of vegetation in a day, depending on the type of vegetation they are removing, so however extensive your project is, rest assured our mulchers can assist. Forestry mulchers can also be used to break up the remaining branches left after forestry thinning or indeed any area which requires clearance of vegetation. What is more, the organic material left behind by the mulchers, adds to the quality of the soil.

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There are many advantages of mulching, over traditional land clearance. Mulching eliminates the need for an array of other large machines such as bulldozers, grinders, excavators and haulage equipment. Consequently, it is the more environmentally friendly choice as it reduces fuel costs and carbon emissions. Our mulching machines can operate on steep sided slopes, in tight, cramped areas and in all types of weather conditions.

By using a forestry mulcher, we can also clear land of unwanted trees and vegetation with very little disturbance to the soil or vegetation that is to be retained. We believe that traditional land clearing methods often cause problems to the soil on your site. By pushing over the trees and uprooting them, erosion of the soil can result, whereas mulching actually provides the soil with a firm base and over time, will return nutrients to the soil.


Arborfield Tree Care is committed to working in ways which benefits the environment and we know that mulching has many ecological advantages over more traditional methods of site clearance. The process also conforms to ISO 14000 – the most recognised standard for environmental management. The main ecological benefit to this process is that the mulch enhances the soil, both protecting it and making it more fertile. In the long term, the soil structure is improved, which, in turn helps protect the ground from dehydration and erosion, as well as the possibility of accumulating mud. In addition, mulch can help restrict the growth of weeds, thus reducing the future costs of maintaining the overall site. In a nutshell, by choosing to clear sites by mulching, you will have made a responsible ecological decision and have ensured that any negative environmental impact of removing trees has been vastly reduced.

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