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Arborfield Tree Care provides a comprehensive mulching service

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Arborfield Tree Care provides a mulching service; Mulching is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to cut, grind, and clear the land. We use mulching for residential and commercial clearing projects such as site preparation and development. We provide our services across all sectors including:

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Health
  • Leisure
  • Estate Management
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Local Authorities

Arborfield Tree Care uses forestry mulchers; these are machines that use a high quality rotary drum equipped with steel chipper tools to shred vegetation effectively and efficiently. This method of processing trees and other vegetation where they stand allows the mulching machines to eliminate many of the steps involved in land clearance such as site preparation; vegetation cutting; tree felling; hauling and site clear up. Another use for mulchers is to break up the tree tops left after forestry thinning or clear fell operations ready for the area to be replanted. In all cases, these machines leave a rich layer of organic material which breaks down quickly and adds to the quality of the soil.

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Arborfield Tree Care is a local, independent family business, providing a customer-focused service.

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At Arborfield, we are fully insured for a wide range of projects, allowing you to use our services with confidence.

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At Arborfield, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service to all customers, working to BS3998.

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All our staff are fully qualified and have many years’ experience in all aspects of tree felling and removals.

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What are the advantages of mulching?

By processing trees and other vegetation where they stand, mulching machines eliminate many of the steps involved in land clearing such as site preparation, cutting, felling, hauling debris and site cleanup.

Mulching also eliminates the need for multiple machines such as a bulldozer accompanied by some combination of excavators, tree shears, wood chippers or grinders, and hauling equipment. On straight forward bookings one single mulching machine is required thereby reducing fuel requirements and carbon emissions. 

Many mulching machines have the ability to operate on steep slopes and in small or tight areas, or on poor ground conditions as well as poor weather conditions (wet and snowy conditions)

The use of mulching machines can help clear land of unwanted trees and brush with limited disturbance to soils or vegetation that is desirable.

Traditional land clearing methods can often present an increased risk of erosion by pushing over trees, uprooting the stumps and roots. As a result this substantially disturbs soils. By contrast, mulching the vegetation leaves the soil structure fully intact. The mulched material can be left on the ground and will act as an erosion barrier whilst gradually returning nutrients back into the soil through decomposition. Over a period of time, grass will naturally grow through the mulch and can be maintained with mowing and grass cutting.

Ecological advantages and viability of mulching

Mulching is an environmentally friendly and sustainable operation that fully conforms to ISO 14000 – Environmental Management. This process reintroduces the shredded biomass into the natural cycle. This in turn leads to an improved soil structure and helps protect the ground from dehydration, erosion and mud accumulation. Additionally, the shredded mulch will provide a sustainable source of plant nutrition, suppress weed growth and reduce the amount of on-going resource required to maintain the overall site. Choosing to clear sites by using the ecologically responsible mulching process means that the impact of removing trees and other vegetation is vastly reduced.

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