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Here at Arborfield Tree Care, our qualified tree surgeons provide a complete range of tree crown services in Reading and the surrounding areas, including Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. Our team of dedicated arborists provide tree crown reduction, thinning and lifting services for all kinds of trees. Whether you’re looking for domestic or commercial tree crown services in Reading, we are here for you. For more information on our wide range of tree crowning services, don’t hesitate to call Arborfield Tree Care today!

Tree Crown Reduction

Arborfield Tree Care is Reading’s leading provider of tree crown reduction services for homes and businesses. Our experienced tree surgeons will remove the tips of tree branches, which will effectively reduce the size of the tree’s crown. This is essential to keep trees looking neat and orderly, in addition to promoting the tree’s overall health.

Thanks to tree crown reduction in Reading, the overall shape of your tree will be maintained. Crown reductions are a great way of maintaining all manner of trees, particularly those which are close to buildings or roads. Using tree crown reduction services in Reading, or elsewhere in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, can help you to control your trees, prevent property damage and ensure your property continues to look as clean and stunning as possible.

The Benefits of Tree Crown Reduction for Your Reading Property

Tree crown reduction offers a wide range of benefits for homes and businesses across Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. Some of the most popular benefits of tree crown reduction include:

  • Removal of Dead, Diseased and Damaged Trees.
  • Reduce the Overall Size of Tree Crown.
  • Reduce the Tree’s Roots Growth, Preventing Damage to Paths, Roads, Walls and Buildings.
  • Restore Tree Crown to a Safe Size, Preventing Damage Caused by Falling Branches.
  • Reduces the Overall Weight of Any Leaning Tree.
  • Resolve Issues Caused by Mature Trees with Decaying Roots.

Qualified Tree Surgeons for Specialist Tree Crown Reductions

Here at Arborfield Tree Care, our tree surgeons deliver a complete range of tree surgery services to suit your needs. Our arborists are able to offer information and advice on any tree crown reduction. There is always a limit on how severely a tree crown can be reduced before it begins to harm the tree itself. Our experienced team will never reduce a crown to the extent that it puts your tree’s health at risk. Similarly, if a tree crown is reduced too far, it can often shock the tree into growing irregularly, leading to problems later in the tree’s life.

At Arborfield, we carry out tree crown reductions to BS3998:200 standards, with a focus on tree health and owner safety. While we often recommend carrying out tree crown reductions in the colder months of the year, we are able to deliver tree surgery services throughout the year. If you’re looking for advice or practical tree crown reductions in Reading, call Arborfield’s local team today!

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Tree Crown Thinning Reading

If your tree is growing out of control, crown thinning is a popular choice for homes and businesses. It is often much cheaper and easer than complete crown reductions, depending on the type of tree and your specific circumstances. Tree crown thinning allows the tree to retain its natural growth cycle. However, it allows light to pass through the tree’s foliage and disperse through the crown more evenly. If your tree’s size isn’t an issue, but you’re concerned about its overall health, then tree crown thinning can be a great way of restoring your tree’s wellbeing.

Tree crown thinning involves our tree surgeons removing branches throughout the crown. We will never alter the overall size, or even shape of the tree. However, we will reduce the crown’s density, meaning that branches and leaves which previously struggled to enjoy sunlight can enjoy an even distribution.

How Does Tree Crown Thinning in Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey Work?

We will prioritise the removal of dead, diseased or crossing branches within the crown, all of which can cause serious health problems. We will then focus on removing branches from overcrowded areas of the crown to. Our tree crown thinning services are designed to improve the health and quality of your tree, without negatively impacting its appearance.

In most cases, we will remove up to 30% of your tree’s crown. This means your tree will remain healthy and beautiful to look at. However, it will also enjoy a range of health and growth benefits to prevent long-term problems developing.

If you’re looking for a practical way to improve your tree’s overall health, ensure an even growth and prevent any safety issues developing, tree crown thinning in Reading is absolutely essential. At Arborfield, we’re able to deliver industry-leading tree surgery, including crown thinning, to domestic, commercial and public properties of all kinds.

Tree Crown Lifting Reading

Tree crown lifting in Reading is one of Arborfield’s most popular services. Our local tree surgeons will remove the tree’s lowest branches, which will lift the crown’s overall height. Thanks to professional tree crown lifting, you’ll enjoy increased clearance between the crown and the ground level. This can prevent health and safety issues, such as banging your head, in addition to reducing the risk of falling branches and other problems.

Tree crown lifting is often carried out for a wide range of reasons. This can be due to health and safety reasons, to improve the view or to allow light to reach the area underneath the tree’s crown. Some of the most common reasons we are asked to provide domestic or commercial tree crown lifting in Reading include:

  • Improving Clearance Space Around Buildings.
  • To Keep Low Branches Away from Traffic or Parked Cars.
  • Improve Visibility and Light Levels.
  • Improve the Overall Appearance of the Tree Itself.

For Local Tree Crown Lifting in Reading, Call Arborfield Tree Care

Here at Arborfield Tree Care, we can provide a complete range of tree crown lifting in Reading and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team are more than happy to offer advice and information, including identifying when a tree is unsuitable for tree crown lifting or raising. Arborfield’s tree surgeons always work to BS3988:2010, meaning that we will never lift more than 15% of a tree crown at a time.

If you’re unsure about any part of tree crown lifting, call Arborfield Tree Care today. We can ensure that you make the right choice for your own convenience and safety, and the health of your tree. When done incorrectly, crown lifting can cause a range of issues, including decay, discolouration and more. Here at Arborfield Tree Care, we will ensure that your tree crown lifting in Reading is a success and doesn’t pose any health risks to your tree.

For more information, or to arrange your tree crowning service today, don’t hesitate to call Arborfield’s local team in Reading. You can reach our experienced tree surgeons directly by calling us on 0800 074 1886 or 0118 976 1000. Alternatively, you can use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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