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Case Study: Weeping Willow Pollarding in Caversham

Arborfield Tree Care is one of the UK’s leading providers tree surgery in Caversham, Reading. We were recently asked to undertake the tree pollarding of a weeping willow in Caversham. Our experienced team worked to reduce the overall size of the weeping willow to prevent property damage and eliminate health and safety risks. As part of this practical service, we also stripped back to weeping willow to restore it’s clean, natural aesthetic without compromising its unique character.

Whatever kind of tree you’re struggling to deal with, we are here for you. Our tree pollarding services are second-to-none for Caversham properties of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for domestic or commercial tree pollarding services in your local area, we are here for you.

Domestic & Commercial Tree Pollarding in Caversham

Here at Arborfield Tree Care, we can provide a complete range of tree pollarding services in Caversham and the surrounding areas. Thanks to tree pollarding, we can reduce the size of any tree or multiple trees. Our pollarding services allow us to restore any tree’s clean appearance, remove hazardous tree branches and prevent health and safety issues from developing.

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As part of our recent domestic tree pollarding in Caversham, we were asked to restore the size and shape of a weeping willow. Using high-powered chainsaws and cherry pickers, we lifted our tree surgeons into the tree branches, allowing them to quickly and safely remove potentially hazardous and uneven branches.

By working to quickly remove these branches, we were able to prevent serious damage to nearby vehicles, the property itself and any passers-by. Thanks to our leading equipment and experience, we were able to carry out the complete tree pollarding in just a few hours!

Traffic Safety Management

As part of this tree pollarding project, we needed to control the movement of traffic outside the house. The weeping willow itself protrudes over the street, so any falling branches could cause damage to passers-by.

As part of the project, we had to control the passage of traffic and pedestrians outside the property. We set up traffic cones to safely guide vehicles and pedestrians around the project. Thanks to our traffic safety management, we were able to carry out the tree pollarding project without risking damage to neighbours and drivers.

Specialist Health & Safety Equipment

Our health and safety equipment is second-to-none, allowing us to carry out all kinds of projects with minimal risk to ourselves and passers-by. If you’re looking for specialist tree surgeons to carry out any kind of domestic or commercial project to suit your needs. Using high-powered chainsaws, reliable cherry pickers and secure harnesses, we’re able to carry out a wide range of projects without any health and safety failures.

If you’re looking for an experienced team to carry out health and safety-focused tree surgery and pollarding, get in touch with Arborfield’s local team today.

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Here at Arborfield Tree Care, we can provide a complete range of local tree surgery and pollarding services in Caversham. Whether you’re looking to remove a weeping willow, restore a tree’s aesthetic or prevent property damage due to unsafe trees, we are here for you.

For more information, call Arborfield’s local team today! You can reach our experienced team today on 0118 976 1000 or use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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