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Here at Arborfield Tree Care, we are able to provide crown reduction in Fleet and the surrounding areas.  Over the years, our highly experienced and specialist arborists have successfully reduced hundreds of crowns at both business and domestic properties.  We are able to offer a wide range of tree pruning techniques in order to better manage the growth of your tree(s) and preserve the health of them too.  For more information regarding crown reduction, get in touch with Arborfield Tree Care today.

Tree Crown Reduction

Tree crown reduction is the process of removing branch tips, pruning back to a growth point further down the branch.  Crown reduction is commonly undertaken and carried out in order to remove dead, diseased and damage branches that could ultimately end up diseasing and negatively impacting the whole structure of the tree if immediate action is not taken. 

Moreover, tree crown reduction is also of course used to simply reduce the overall size of the tree.  This may be considered either when the tree is growing too fast for the location its in or when it is becoming potentially hazardous for surrounding vehicle, buildings, people or infrastructure. Crown reductions should be specified by a trained Arboriculturalist and not exceed reasonable amounts, so conforming to BS3998:2010.

The Benefits of Tree Crown Reduction for Your Fleet Property

Tree crown reduction offers a wide range of benefits for homes and businesses across Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. Some of the most popular benefits of tree crown reduction include:

  • Removal of Dead, Diseased and Damaged Trees.
  • Reduce the Overall Size of Tree Crown.
  • Reduce the Tree’s Roots Growth, Preventing Damage to Paths, Roads, Walls and Buildings.
  • Restore Tree Crown to a Safe Size, Preventing Damage Caused by Falling Branches.
  • Reduces the Overall Weight of Any Leaning Tree.
  • Resolve Issues Caused by Mature Trees with Decaying Roots.
 Crown Reduction Fleet

Qualified Tree Surgeons for Specialist Tree Crown Reductions

Crown Reduction is one of many tree pruning services we offer in order to best maintain and manage the growth of your tree.  Crown lifting, crown thinning and crown reduction can all be provided by our arborists that are located in your area. Generally speaking, crown reduction is a great preventative approach to managing the health and growth of your trees and our qualified and certified arborists are happy to perform crown reduction on a single tree or multiple trees. It’s always a good idea to hire professional arborists just like our team to perform tree pruning services for you.

Although crown reductions can be carried out throughout the year, we recommend them specifically in the colder moths of the year. At Arborfield, we carry out tree crown reductions to BS3998:200 standards, with a focus on tree health and owner safety.

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Tree Crown Thinning Fleet

Here at Arborfield Tree Care, we also provide first-class crown thinning services throughout Fleet and surrounding areas.  From the preparation through to quality control, we will perform the best possible service for you.  Firstly, we will prepare our team and equipment to handle the specific job which may be dependant on weather conditions.  Crown thinning may be the ”go to” service for your tree if you’re looking to better the outer portion of the crown whilst maintaining the same size and shape of your trees.

The main benefits of crown thinning include allowing much more light to pass through the tree which can help to maintain your tree’s health and longevity for the years to come.  Furthermore, it also helps to reduce wind resistance and reduce weight in due process.

How Does Tree Crown Thinning in Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey Work?

After the preparation period, we will then execute our plan of action by providing first-class crown reduction and tree thinning.  Our skilled climbers and pruners will implement a well-thought out and safe strategy to reduce and remove all dead, crossing and diseased branches.  After the job is complete, we will of course remove all traces of mess that have been created a result of the job.

It’s likely that our arborists will remove up to 30% of your tree’s crown.  Once the job is completed, you tree will look as aesthetically pleasing on the eye as ever but will now reap further benefits and gain more exposure to light for ultimate growth.

Crown thinning is particularly useful and effective on non-coniferous trees such as Cherry trees, Oak trees, Sycamore trees and Birch trees to name just a few examples.  Crown thinning does not alter the size of shape of your tree.


Crown Reduction Fleet

Tree Crown Lifting Fleet

Here at Arborfield Tree Care, we also offer tree crown lifting as one of many tree pruning services to better look after and manage the health of your tree.  Crown lifting consists of removing selected branches and limbs from the lower part of the trees crown in order to raise the clearance above ground level.  One-off services are fine here but if you have several larger trees, maintenance may be required.  However, extensive crown lifting should if possible be phased over a number of months and years.

Although crown lifting can be used to improve the aesthetics and appearance of a tree, it is mostly used to facilities site usages.  One of the biggest benefits of this type of tree pruning technique is that it helps to prevent damage to neighbouring structures that could otherwise be damaged by branches rubbing. Some of the most common reasons we are asked to provide domestic or commercial tree crown lifting in Fleet include:

  • Improving Clearance Space Around Buildings.
  • To Keep Low Branches Away from Traffic or Parked Cars.
  • Improve Visibility and Light Levels.
  • Improve the Overall Appearance of the Tree Itself.
Crown Reduction Fleet

For Local Tree Crown Lifting in Fleet, Call Arborfield Tree Care

Are you seeking a quotation for crown reduction, crown lifting or crown thinning in Fleet or surrounding areas?  If so, we would love to hear from you today.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional and expert team today by calling us directly on 0800 074 1886 or 0118 976 1000.  Alternatively, if you prefer to email, use our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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