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Looking for crown reduction in Ascot or the surrounding areas? Arborfield Tree Care are able to provide first-class crown reduction services throughout all areas of Hampshire and Surrey. Our trusted, insured and fully qualified tree surgeons are able to provide comprehensive crown reduction for all types and sizes of trees at commercial and domestic premises. Moreover, we are also able to work with local councils. If you’re looking to find out more information about crown reduction or alternative tree pruning methods, such as crown lifting or crown thinning, get in touch with us today by calling us directly on 0118 976 1000.

Tree Crown Reduction

The process of crown reduction consists of removing decaying and diseased branches to prevent further decay or disease from spreading to nearby trees or worsening on the tree where the issue started. As well as preventing or reducing disease and decay, tree crown reduction is also used to reduced the overall size of the tree which is beneficial if your trees are overgrowing and interfering with nearby buildings or vehicles.

Crown reduction can be used as a reactive and preventative method to reduce the size and hazardousness of the tree. Moreover, crown reduction on a tree is also beneficial for maintaining or even improving the aesthetics of a tree. Whether you’re looking for crown reduction on one or several trees, we are here to help.

The Benefits of Tree Crown Reduction for Your Ascot Property

As mentioned above, there are a number of benefits that can be reaped as a result of crown reduction for both the trees themselves and property owner. Further benefits of crown reduction include the following;-

  • Removal of Dead, Diseased and Damaged Trees.
  • Reduce the Overall Size of Tree Crown.
  • Reduce the Tree’s Roots Growth, Preventing Damage to Paths, Roads, Walls and Buildings.
  • Restore Tree Crown to a Safe Size, Preventing Damage Caused by Falling Branches.
  • Reduces the Overall Weight of Any Leaning Tree.
  • Resolve Issues Caused by Mature Trees with Decaying Roots.
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Qualified Tree Surgeons for Specialist Tree Crown Reductions

When choosing a tree surgery company for crown reduction, it’s imperative to select the right company that are fully insured, qualified and experienced. Here at Arborfield Tree Care, we are proud to be your number one choice for crown reduction in Ascot and we are fully accredited company that have previously undertaken hundreds of successful crown reduction projects over the last decade or so. Moreover, we are passionate about what we do and all work is undertaken to the highest standards regardless of the job, big or small.

We are an environmentally conscious company that takes great care to recycle all of the waste from our jobs, holding the relevant license issued by Environment Agency.

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Arborfield Tree Care is a local, independent family business, providing a customer-focused service.

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At Arborfield, we are fully insured for a wide range of projects, allowing you to use our services with confidence.

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Industry-Leading Workmanship

At Arborfield, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service to all customers, working to BS3998.

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All our staff are fully qualified and have many years’ experience in all aspects of tree felling and removals.

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Tree Crown Thinning Ascot

Crown thinning consists of the removal of smaller. tertiary branches which are usually located towards the outer portion of the crown. The ultimate aim of tree crown thinning is fundamentally to uniform the density and create an evenly space branch structure. Crown thinning is a tree pruning technique that can be performed on many type of trees but is most effective on the following types of trees; cherry trees, birch trees, sycamore trees and other non-coniferous trees.

How Does Tree Crown Thinning in Ascot Work?

Crown thinning is performed by highly qualified and experienced tree surgeons at Arborfield Tree Care. Crown thinning is performed by removing individual branches to reduce the density of the tree and therefore increase the amount of light to the immediate area as a result. Our team will ensure that throughout this process, there is an even distribution weight within the canopy to create a much safer environment for the surrounding buildings, people and vehicles within close vicinity of the tree or trees that are being worked on. We will remove up to 30% of your tree’s crown which achieves the best possible results.


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Tree Crown Lifting Ascot

Arborfield Tree Care also provide fully comprehensive tree crown lifting services in Ascot and surrounding areas. Full preparation goes into crown lifting beforehand as we prepare our team to handle the job, environment and the weather conditions that they will be facing. Crown lifting consists of removing the lowest of branches on a tree and as a result, helps to increase light transmission to areas closer to the tree canopy. If you’re looking to allow more late afternoon/evening sun through your tree and into your garden, crown lifting is a great option to consider.

Some of the most common reasons we are asked to provide domestic or commercial tree crown lifting in Ascot include:

  • Improving Clearance Space Around Buildings.
  • To Keep Low Branches Away from Traffic or Parked Cars.
  • Improve Visibility and Light Levels.
  • Improve the Overall Appearance of the Tree Itself.
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For Local Tree Crown Lifting in Ascot, Call Arborfield Tree Care

If you’re looking for first-class tree pruning services in Ascot, look no further than Arborfield Tree Care. We are able to provide crown lifting, crown reduction and crown thinning for a diverse range of customers within the area. Get in touch with us today on 0800 074 1886 or 0118 976 1000.

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